Victoria Beckham for Target

Online shopping is generally my preference but there are times when I prefer the in store experience.  The debut of Victoria Beckham for Target was one of those times.  It was not a frenzied shopping event.  I arrived just minutes after the store opened.  Maybe five other women shared the section with me.  It was a calm, relaxed, stress free environment.  The collection greeted me with vibrant colors, playful shapes, and the simple sophistication we have come to expect from Victoria Beckham.

There were dresses with a classic vintage feel which I loved as well as bold floral prints.  There really wasn’t anything I didn’t love.   Well there was one thing…I was not a huge fan of the identical children’s line.  Initially I thought it was adorable.  Then I considered that I could run into a five year old wearing the same exact dress as me, not a similar dress, the exact same dress.  That didn’t prevent me from shopping.  I ultimately chose the bomber and short sets for myself.  As with most sets I purchase, I will be wearing these as separates.

If you shopped the line on launch day, let me know how you fared.