USPS Strikes Again

I just took the plunge and it was not a smooth transition. Let me start by saying USPS does not like me at all. It is one of the main reasons I am hesitant when ordering anything online that will be delivered via USPS. I placed my first wig order and had no issues at all with the company. The problems arose with USPS. I missed the first delivery. I received notification of their attempt to deliver. That was not a problem. I followed their instructions and scheduled a new delivery date. I missed the delivery on the 27th and scheduled a new delivery for the 29th. All was well again. USPS emailed a confirmation of my new delivery date and I rearranged my schedule to be there to accept the delivery.

On the 28th I was anxious. My first wig by mail delivery was due to arrive the next day…except that didn’t happen. I came home on the 28th to find my package siting on my porch. To make matters even worse, USPS sent me another email on the 28th reminding me that my package would arrive on the 29th…the package that was already on my porch. I was annoyed but grateful the package was still where they left it by the time I came home.

Did you know I actually am a volunteer postal worker? I don’t want to be.  I didn’t sign up to do it but I receive other people’s mail on a regular basis. Sometimes it is mail from people one door away. Sometimes it is mail belonging to someone a block away. Other times it is mail that belongs to someone on a completely different street. So I find myself delivering the mail on a regular basis and not being compensated; making me a volunteer postal worker, involuntarily.  As a matter of fact, I currently have mail in my possession that does not belong on my street.  I guess I will be making mail deliveries tomorrow.  I hope when my neighbors receive my mail (because I know they do) they don’t keep it or throw it away.

The part that is most frustrating is I don’t see an immediate solution.  Complaints fall on deaf ears.  I am not in a position to completely eliminate mail delivery.  I would love to choose my delivery methods.  Unfortunately some companies solely use USPS.  What’s a girl to do?  Vent in a blog I suppose.