Full Figure Comfort

I’ve been living my entire full figured adult life wrong and no one told me. A few days ago I flew into a rage…It’s funny now thinking back on it…but I was angered. Why? Because I was uncomfortable. That particular day my underwire was overly present. In case you haven’t figured it out, this post is about bras.  I have loved my bras most of my life but as my breasts grew my bras stopped loving me.  If I’m spending over fifty dollars for a bra I need it to meet all my wants.  Unfortunately, I was looking in the wrong places.  My wants are simple enough.  I like pretty things.  I am a collector of pretty things.  I want a variety of colors and prints.  I want lace and dainty details.  I also want support.  Lastly, I want comfort.

My anger ensued after arriving home from a long day.  I was maybe two hours past the limit on my bra.  That’s another thing that bothers me.  Why does the comfort level change with time? I don’t mean after several wears.  I mean in one day.  Why does the comfort level change within hours?  In a perfect world all my bras would be made out of supportive memory foam.  If you’re a designer and your reading this, I just gave you your next million dollar project.  That day my mind was made.  I needed a change.  So I started surfing the net looking for suitable wireless options.  This is what I found.

It’s comfortable, functional, padded, and pretty.  I bought one in black and another in pink.  There’s more, the price was right.  I paid $9.99 for two bras at Burlington.  This particular bra is Daisy Fuentes but here are some other options at the same price point.






I can’t believe I’ve been paying ten times as much to be uncomfortable.  This past week I have been a happier person.  I credit the bras.



Opposites Attract

Leather and lace.  Hot and cold.  Hard and soft.  Let’s face it, whether in food or fashion or life in general; opposites attract.  Today I am displaying examples of just that as it pertains to fashion. Specifically, leather and lace.

It’s one of my favorite combinations.  I love blending the two textures.  Perhaps it’s a poetic extension of me, a physical display of my characteristic layers. Let’s take a peak into my personal closet to see just how well these opposites attract.  I picked three combinations to share with you.  The first is a casual blend of a ponte knit and leather mini with a lace tank.


The next look combines a faux leather skater with a lace crop top and lace booties.PhotoGrid_1438438727081PhotoGrid_1438438781380Lastly, I am sharing a softer look.  I paired an ivory lace dress with red braided leather sandals.


 The possibilities are truly endless.  The is a combination for nearly every occasion.  These are just a few if my favs.

Dress for Your Body Type- Part Two

Let’s talk about apples.  They’re sweet and delicious, both the fruit and the body type.  In most cases, women with apple bodies have a full bust and killer legs.  This should be the focus.  With an apple body type, it’s not necessary to draw attention to cinching the waist.  In fact, I don’t recommend it.  Here are my guidelines for apple bodies.

Avoid wide belts – Every trend is not for every body.  Let this one go.

Necklines – Avoid halters or any high neckline.  Instead embrace scoops and V necks.

Dresses – A line dresses are your friend.  Dresses that flow from the bust will flatter your shape.  Avoid dresses with a defined waist line.

Tops – As listed above, plunge necklines and A lines are the way to go.  Also look for shirts that hit at the hips rather than the waist.

Bottoms – High waisted bottoms are flattering.  Avoid low rise.  Avoid leggings.  Choose pants with back pockets.

As always these are just guidelines.  Everything will not work for everyone.  Keep in mind the objective is to draw attention to your best assets and of course be comfortable.  If you’re not comfortable,  it will show.