Chicken and Pears

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The story:
I found myself with pears that were ripening before I could eat them. Once I got down to my last two I came up with a dinner idea. I would cook the pears with chicken breast.

I originally intended to use the chicken for masala but that could wait. I needed to cook the pears. I wanted to create something both sweet and savory. I started with bacon.

Two pears
Four boneless skinless chicken breast
1/4 lb of bacon
Himalayan sea salt
Fresh ground pepper
Bleu cheese crumbles

I started by cutting a quarter pound of bacon into pieces and frying it down.

While the bacon was cooking, I peeled and chopped my pears. I also seasoned my chicken on both sides with salt and pepper.

Once the bacon was done, I removed the bacon from the pan. I then cooked the chicken in the bacon fat.

The chicken was thin and only took a few minutes on each side. I removed the cooked chicken from the pan and drained the fat.

Next I returned the chicken to the pan with the pears

The pears will make a syrup.

Lastly I add the bacon back into the pan along with thyme.

When ready to serve, I sprinkled with Bleu cheese crumbles. It was delicious ūüėč

You can find more of my home cooked meals on Instagram #ShirasKitchen

Weight Maintenance Accountability – Day Seven



There will be consequences for today’s double breakfast.¬† It was good though.¬† I hope it was worth it.¬† I started with fruit at home.¬† After I left, I went to a drive thru.¬† That in itself is not bad.¬† I ordered a breakfast burrito¬†and hash browns.¬† My intent was to remove the flour tortilla and mix the contents of the burrito¬†with my hash browns and jalapeno¬†salsa.¬† Instead I ate the burrito¬†with¬†the tortilla.¬† My gluten allergy will wage war against me for my misstep.


On to lunch time…this is where things get a little scary.¬† I must have been on a burrito kick today.¬† That’s what I chose for lunch.¬† This time I was good though.¬† I selected a gluten free been burrito from the frozen food section.¬† Well I should have taken the picture while it was frozen because when I put it in the microwave, this happened.

IMG_20140225_122219_0 It looks gross but it was tasty.

For dinner I had my version of sloppy joe, ground turkey with lots of chunky vegetables.  I also had creamed spinach on the side.


Throughout the day I drank only water and despite that no no at breakfast time I went to bed feeling pretty good.¬† Now to reward myself for completing a weeks worth of entries. ūüôā

Weight Maintenance Accountability – Day Six

This has been the longest week.¬† I still have one more day to go.¬† I really admire people who keep this up.¬† Tomorrow I will likely go out with a bang.¬† I hope I don’t override what I have eaten the last six days.¬† So far I feel very comfortable with my food decisions.¬† I started the day once again with oatmeal and fruit.


For lunch, I went to one of my favorite places.  I ordered a naked burrito with white rice, black beans, chicken, queso, pico de gallo, salsa roja, and guacamole.


I had leftovers for dinner; lightly battered fish, rice and vegetables.  Once again all I drank throughout the day was water.


Weight Maintenance Accountability – Day Five

I felt like I went overboard today.¬† After putting it in writing it doesn’t look as bad.¬† I started the day with oatmeal.¬† Again I added a spoonful of creamy peanut butter to my oatmeal.


My morning snack was a carrot muffin and pop chips.  I actually had this snack a second time before lunch.  I love mixing sweet and salty.


I had a fruit salad for lunch.  I poured grapefruit juice over fresh pineapple, blackberries, and strawberries.


Then I hade a banana cake.¬† Yes I made two.¬† I had one after lunch and one after dinner.¬† I’ll share the recipe next.


For dinner, I had lightly breaded tilapia with rice and vegetables.  I used quinoa flour on the tilapia.  As I mentioned I had the second banana cake after dinner.  You guessed it.  I drank water all day; no juice or soda.


Weight Maintanence Accountability – Day Four

This was another day on the run.  It proved to be a challenge but I survived it.  Better yet I resisted the temptation of the drive thru.  I started the day with oatmeal.  I actually had it in a bowl this time.  I added a scoop of creamy peanut butter and fresh strawberries.  I also packed fresh fruit to take with me on the road.  I packed blackberries, strawberries, and a banana (not pictured).


The fruit ended up serving as my lunch and snack because of me schedule. I also snacked on some champagne gummy bears from Sugarfina.  For Dinner I had to have salmon cakes again.  They were so good the night before.  This time I had to salmon cakes and two thick slices of fresh pineapple.IMG_20140222_171537_0

I had one last snack before calling it a night; an apple and two pieces of string cheese.


Once again, all I drank throughout the day was water.  That wraps up day four.

Weight Maintenance Accountability – Day Three

I started the day with¬† my go to breakfast on the go, oatmeal and an apple.¬† Yes, I ate my oatmeal out of a cup.¬† I wasn’t home so this had to work.¬† My morning snack was a banana, also great on the go.


For lunch I had hunan shrimp.  Homemade is better (see my recipe) but again I was on the go so this had to do.


I ended the day with salmon cakes, pop chips, blackberries and strawberries.  This was the best meal of the day.  I may have to do this one again tomorrow.


Once again, I only drank water throughout the day, no soda or juice.

Weight Maintenance Accountability – Day Two

Today was actually fairly similar to yesterday.¬† I think I’m bored already.¬† I’ll have to go in another direction tomorrow.¬† I started the day with a breakfast wrap.¬† I filled my gluten-free spinach tortillas with three eggs, turkey, green pepper, spinach, cheese and jalapeno.¬† The filling proved to be too much for one 8 inch tortilla.¬† I ended up using two.¬† That’s salsa in the middle.


For lunch I had another salad…same as yesterday…


Then to satisfy my sweet tooth I made two mini yellow cakes in the microwave.¬† I love making these.¬† I get what I want without the temptation of a whole cake sitting in the house.¬† Plus they are ready in less than two minutes, literally.¬† I’ll share that recipe later.¬† I topped my mini cake with icing and sliced banana.¬† The cakes are single serve about four inches in diameter and no I didn’t eat them both at once.

snackfinished snack

Lastly for dinner I had, you guessed it, penne.¬† This time with chicken and broccoli.¬† This was easier to make than yesterday’s penne.¬† I’ll post the recipe next.

Dinner¬†In case you were wondering, yes I ate the second cake after dinner.¬† Again I had water all day, no juice or soda.¬† I also did a minimal amount of cardio.¬† Day two done ūüôā

Weight Maintenance Accountability – Day One

Reminder, I am not on a diet.  I am simply documenting.

Today was a good day.  For breakfast, I had two eggs, three strips of turkey bacon, and a shake.  The shake consisted of banana, pineapple, blueberries, and pomegranate juice.


My morning¬†snack was grapefruit.¬† My stomach will wage war on me if I don’t snack two to three hours after breakfast.


I had salad for lunch; spring greens with turkey, muenster cheese, and italian dressing.


Dinner was scallops and spinach served over gluten-free penne. ¬†I’ll post the recipe next.


Throughout the day I had four bottles of water, no juice, soda, coffee, or tea.¬† I also did a minimal half hour of cardio.¬† (Hip Hop Abs) Honestly,¬† I am better with incorporating exercise into what I’m already doing.¬† I can do leg lifts while I’m watching a movie or squats while I’m folding laundry.¬† Yes, I’m that girl…anyway I’ve made it through one day of documenting.¬† Let’s see how long I can keep this up.