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Spring is in the air, finally!  For most of us Spring means vacation which brings me to one of my favorite topics, vacation wear.  This year bright bold colors are everywhere.  Vibrant color continues to steal the show in color blocking and in prints.  However, if this trend isn’t for you, don’t fret.  Pales and pastels are plentiful this season as well.  As for me, I will predominately be in solids.  Here are some styles I have personally curated for Spring.


1SRBoutique is back!

I began 1SRBoutique on eBay four years ago.  I had a nice run but I am now open on a new platform.  Join me on Poshmark! I have lots of treasures available now and will be adding inventory regularly; so check the page often.  Looking for something unique? Send me a message.  If I don’t have it I can direct you to someone who does.  Shop my closet here

Happy Shopping!

Countdown to Carefree Spring Fashion

It is March and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s time to rearrange my closet and get ready for rising temperatures. This year my focus is nudes and earthy tones. As we get closer to Summer I will slip in brights but for now my focus is on toned down muted looks.  I know what you’re thinking but these colors are far from boring.  I started to add colors like peach, pale pink,  and even beige to my collection.  As far as fit and fabric, I am loving light, loose, and airy.  There is always room for a form fitting piece on occasion.  However, those pieces will likely be layered with something light and airy.

Here are some of the staples I can build with;

1) Classic pencil skirt


2) Sheer blouse


3) Wide Leg Pant


4) Blazer


I love to mix and match different shades of the same color and layer.  It is hard to go wrong with that technique.  Oh, I almost forgot footwear.  Here are a few I am looking forward to sliding into this Spring.

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Fashion is Art

One of the most attainable forms of expression is fashion.  Fashion can express, as well as induce, emotion.  Fashion is an outlet for creativity, a form of therapy, and a booming industry.  Oddly it also at times is a cause of contempt.  Fashion choices have made some objects of ridicule.  I wholeheartedly believe in fashion freedom.  Clearly everything is not for everybody.  I say that from a stand point of “that’s for you and not for me” not from a standpoint of “that’s not for you.”

Yes, I offer fashion consultation when asked.  I offer tips and guidelines.  What I don’t do is tell people what they are not allowed to wear.  I believe fashion should be freeing not restrictive.  It should build confidence, not insecurities.

In addition to judgement of others when it comes to their individual style, I have noticed judgement surrounding what people choose to spend on fashion.  As I said before, Fashion is art.  It’s true value is in the eyes if the owner.  I haven’t criticized anyone for the amount spent on paintings or sculptures and I certainly don’t plan on criticizing someone about what they spend on shoes or handbags.  Frankly it is none of my business.

I view collections of clothing and accessories as art.  I enjoy closets just as much as I enjoy museums.  There is just so much to admire; craftsmanship, color, texture.  I could go on and on.  The gist is fashion is an art form that makes me happy to wear and to watch.


Boutique 9 Fashion Find

Say hello to my latest fashion find.  I found this steal at Ross.  Ross was once part of a weekly ritual.  However, I don’t think I’ve been there in over a year.  That was up until yesterday.  I ran in looking for of all things a hair accessory.  Then I found this.


This Boutique 9 pump has everything I love in a pump; high heel, platform, and an embelished heel.  The peep toe doesn’t hurt either.  I love an embelished heel and these are only second to my Tisri.

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My Accessories Multitask

I have long been a fan of the designs of most Chanel jewelry. To me it manages to make baroque stylish.  Some of the necklaces approach gaudy but don’t cross that line.  That in itself amazes me.  Though I am a fan; at this juncture in my life I cannot fathom spending three thousand dollars on gold plated zinc.  There is plenty I would spend the money on.  That’s just not on my list.  So what do I do when I want to pull off a similar look without breaking the bank? I make my accessories multitask.

I want to style a simple t-shirt with a thick gold link necklace.  Here’s what I came up with.


It’s not a necklace.  It’s a belt that is now serving as a necklace.  I double wrapped my $45 Michael Kors chain belt and it gave me the precise look I wanted for less.  I only paid $10 for the belt at DSW.  It’s still stylish.  It’s still designer.  I still have money in the bank.  I’ve already gotten more than my moneys worth.  By making my accessories multitask I can rock various looks while spending close to no money.

Fashion Always Repeats

I don’t know about you but I am fairly often looking for something I got rid of long ago.  What I am learning is unless it’s ill fitting I will probably want to wear it again.

If you purchase quality clothes they will keep for decades.  Some styles may seem passing but they always come back.  Case and point, growing up my mom had tons of chain belts.  I don’t know if she still has them.  I will have to ask.  Look what I bought just this morning.


Mom could’ve saved me some money with hers.  You know me though; I did not pay retail.  I always get deals.

My point is fashion always repeats itself.  If you’re at least 20 yrs old you’ve seen it first hand.  If not google fashion trends over the decades.  You will find something that you would wear today.  In fact you may find something in your parents closet.  Just a thought.