Things To Do Besides Panic

COVID-19 is everywhere. With it comes panic, anxiety, and uncertainty. I am not exempt from any of these feelings.  With that being said, I need a break.  With no clear end in sight I searched out some ways to make good use of quarantine.

– Learn a new skill.

Take a free online course.  There are plenty to choose from.

– Hone your art.

Use this time to write, draw, paint, rehearse.

– Go on virtual tours.

The Louvre is one of many museums offering virtual tours.

– Work on that home project you have been putting off.

This is the perfect time to clean out closets and drawers.  It may not be fun but it will be satisfying once done.

– Journal

Write your thoughts and move on.  Journaling is always therapeutic but especially at times like these.

I certainly don’t recommend taking this pandemic lightly.  At the same time, there is only so much individuals can do.  Follow the instructions of healthcare professionals and obey temporary mandates put in place to halt the spread.