20161112_112817Lately my mind has been racing. Though I haven’t been able to¬†formulate my thoughts into words. Today I concluded that it is okay to take time off, to not speak, to enjoy silence, to disconnect from the world and reconnect with myself. A quiet drive and a trip to this beautiful place did the trick. I hope the images bring you some of the peace it brought me.20161112_111627 20161112_111627

30 Day Push Up Challenge

If you can do one push up, you can join me in my push up challenge. It’s simple. On the morning of Day One do as many push ups as you can. Be it one or one hundred. On the evening of Day One do one more push up than you did in the morning.
On the morning of Day Two, start with your number from the prior evening and add one at the end of Day Two. If you need more of a challenge increase your add on number each evening.  Just make sure you focus on form before adding on.
I am having so much fun with the challenge. It may be hard to start but it is so rewarding. Join me. If you’re having trouble getting motivated music may help. Let’s go crazy!
PhotoGrid_1462136178761 Feel free to share your progress and results.