Herve Leger Sale at 1SRBoutique

1SRBoutique is now selling one of my favorite essentials. It’s Raquel by Herve Leger. This bandage dress is new with tags. It is a size medium. The color is alabaster. Retail price is $1050. As always, the 1SRBoutique is below retail. Bid or buy now.




Bandage Hostage

Don’t worry. I’m safe. To be clear; I am safe, at home, waiting for a package. A few days ago I ordered dresses I had been watching for weeks. It all came together. It was my favorite designer. The limited stock included my size. Pricing was below retail and I received free shipping. Now today is the day, D day, delivery day.

It’s 7a.m. I’m up and I can think of a few errands that need to be run but I cannot leave my post, not until I get that package.  Days like this I briefly (very briefly) miss having a “real job.”  In those days I never had to be present for my deliveries.  All of my packages were signed for and safely kept until I arrived.

I know what your thinking.  What about surveillance? Well surveillance doesn’t protect my packages it just allows me to see them being swiped.  I don’t want the hassle of trying to track down a person that may or may not have my things when found.  Then filing a claim, ugh…I’d rather be held hostage and wait.  It’s a day of torture but the reward is more than worth it.

I predict my delivery will come at 8 p.m. and I will have stayed in the house for nothing.  It usually goes this way.  If I leave it will come the moment I leave the neighborhood but if I wait it won’t come until the very end of the day.

Well my package finally arrived at 8:15 pm.  I was boiling at 8 when it wasn’t her but I got over it when I saw my dresses.  Pics coming soon.

Victoria Beckham for Target

Online shopping is generally my preference but there are times when I prefer the in store experience.  The debut of Victoria Beckham for Target was one of those times.  It was not a frenzied shopping event.  I arrived just minutes after the store opened.  Maybe five other women shared the section with me.  It was a calm, relaxed, stress free environment.  The collection greeted me with vibrant colors, playful shapes, and the simple sophistication we have come to expect from Victoria Beckham.

There were dresses with a classic vintage feel which I loved as well as bold floral prints.  There really wasn’t anything I didn’t love.   Well there was one thing…I was not a huge fan of the identical children’s line.  Initially I thought it was adorable.  Then I considered that I could run into a five year old wearing the same exact dress as me, not a similar dress, the exact same dress.  That didn’t prevent me from shopping.  I ultimately chose the bomber and short sets for myself.  As with most sets I purchase, I will be wearing these as separates.

If you shopped the line on launch day, let me know how you fared.

Countdown to Carefree Spring Fashion

It is March and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s time to rearrange my closet and get ready for rising temperatures. This year my focus is nudes and earthy tones. As we get closer to Summer I will slip in brights but for now my focus is on toned down muted looks.  I know what you’re thinking but these colors are far from boring.  I started to add colors like peach, pale pink,  and even beige to my collection.  As far as fit and fabric, I am loving light, loose, and airy.  There is always room for a form fitting piece on occasion.  However, those pieces will likely be layered with something light and airy.

Here are some of the staples I can build with;

1) Classic pencil skirt


2) Sheer blouse


3) Wide Leg Pant


4) Blazer


I love to mix and match different shades of the same color and layer.  It is hard to go wrong with that technique.  Oh, I almost forgot footwear.  Here are a few I am looking forward to sliding into this Spring.

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Summer is nearly over but the heat will remain a while longer. While I am anticipating Autumn and all the joys that come along with it, my current focus is Summer Clearances. Yes, seasonal clearances fall into my box of favorite things. Though of all the seasons Summer clearance is the most wonderful time of the year. Why? Well sandals are timeless.  They never go out of style.  It doesn’t matter whether your preference is flats, stilettos, or chunk heels because all of them are on a constant rotation.  This time of year you can find your favorite summer styles for as much as 70% off.  With the current weather forecast, there is still plenty of time to wear whatever you buy now this year.  Even if you don’t it is perfectly fine to save them for next summer.

Since the prices are so low this time of year, you may want to try what I did.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought some chunky heels and wedges.  Typically, my feet are adorned with strappy stilettos and island platforms in the summer.  On casual days, I love a FitFlop.  With the summer clearance I could get my usuals and some new additions for about the same or less than I would have paid for just my usuals.  It’s a win win.


Happy Shopping!


I cut my romper in two. I had too. If you have been following me over the years, you know my position on rompers and jumpsuits has gone back and forth. Well now it’s back again.

My original position was, though stylish, the look was not for me.  It was not a body type issue.  It was a functionality issue.  I had no desire to ever get naked in a public bathroom.  That meant where ever I was, I wouldn’t be able to stay long.  The idea just did not seem feasible.  After a few years I gave in.  I bought a romper.  Then I bought a jumpsuit.  Then I bought another.  I still had my same concern though.

Maybe I am a bit of a germaphobe.  I would practice getting in and out of these one piece outfits.  The goal was to move quickly in a confined space without ever letting any part of my outfit touch the floor or anything else for that matter.  The first time I went to a public bathroom in a romper, I was in Vegas.  I was nervous. I even asked for accompaniment just in case I ran into trouble.  Fortunately all my practice paid off and I was just fine on my own.

Even though I am now skilled in tight space romper removal, today I decided I would be happier in a stress free two piece.  Today was splitsville for that MK romper I fell in love with just over a year ago.  I made the first cut quickly.  After that there was no turning back.  I have to say I am happy with the outcome.  Check out the before and after pics.



Shopping Deja Vu

Oftentimes I find myself thinking that my purchase strongly resembles something already in my closet.  This happens at different times during my shopping experience, from first glance to check out.  It rarely deters me from my purchase.  I reason, “I like what I like” and I carry on.  Though yesterdays impromptu shoe shopping made me reconsider my method.  I bought four pairs of shoes; all of which resemble pairs already in my collection.  There are slight variations but ultimately they are more similar than different.  So what do I do? Do I keep my purchases? I decided yes.  Here’s why:

1. The similarities simply reflect my taste.  Having several options in similar styles allows me to relax.  It’s like having wardrobe insurance.  If something fails, there is always a comparable replacement nearby.

2.  I don’t want to live with regret.  On more than one occasion I have returned or donated something I later wanted to wear long after it was gone.  The styles I buy aren’t typically in circulation that long.  It hurts to see “this item is no longer available” on an item I once had and foolishly returned.

3.  I have similar styles at different price points.  There are times when I have a look in mind but I don’t want to wear the higher price point version to a particular event.

4.  I rarely ever pay full price.  Chances are whatever I bought, I bought at a steal.

For all those reasons, and more, I have decided it is perfectly fine for me to buy items that resemble items in my current collection.  By no means am I directing you.  I am simply explaining how I came to my decision.  Perhaps it will help you when you encounter your own shopping deja vu.