My First Mammogram

I’m back from my hiatus. So much has happened in these past few months. I thought since we are fresh out of breast cancer awareness month, mammography would be an appropriate topic.

For most women, mammograms are recommended at age 40. Family history could have you going sooner. I wasn’t thrilled when my new physician wrote the order for me but I knew it was necessary. The thought of having my breasts smashed in between heavy machinery just wasn’t thrilling.

When I arrived the office was empty and I was called back within minutes of my arrival. This put me at ease. After all we are still in a pandemic. The thought of spending an excessive amount of time in a crowded waiting room did not sit well with me. Fortunately, that was not my experience.

Once I was called back, I was escorted to a changing room where I was told to get undressed from the waist up and wipe away any deodorant or powder. I was not asked to get on a scale nor were any vitals taking. It’s a shame, I was actually looking forward to getting on a scale this visit.

I stripped as instructed and put on a hospital gown. I think this is my color.

I was then told my hair needed to be off my shoulders. This was news to me. I didn’t have a hair tie. I ended up getting creative with latex gloves to pull my hair back. Then it was time for the “fun” part. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined, just uncomfortable. I read somewhere that you had to stand on your toes for ten minutes while each breast was clamped down, not true. In all, I held four positions for a total of less than ten minutes. If all goes well, I won’t have to do it again for another two years.

All this to say, if you have been putting off your mammogram, don’t.

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