New Year, Who Dis?

It has always been funny to me that so much emphasis is put on the new year. Really there is no time like the present. Declaring to do things in the new year is just procrastination wrapped in a pretty bow. This time, though, it feels different. Surviving this past year has been a feat for many. The thing is, we are very much in the same predicament. New year, same deal.

So now what? Oh, did you think I had the answers? I don’t. I’m asking you. Two days into the year my household has already felt a blow or two. My strategy at this point is to redirect my attention to what is going right. I fully expect the crap to keep flying. I will just have to duck, dodge, strike back, and focus on what is steady. That’s how I plan on staying centered. It’s what I have been doing. It works.

I do have one bit of advice. Make an effort to do something kind for others. You have no idea how many people are in desperate need of kindness right now. Your act could be as simple as wearing your PPE and wearing it properly. Maybe you’re healthy and your risk is minimal. You don’t have to do it for you, do it for the people you come in contact with that are outside of your household. Let that be your act of kindness. It’s a gesture that won’t cost you a thing.

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