Quick Home Workout

When it was warmer it was easier for me to get up and get in an hour of exercise before I started my day. It wasn’t easy but certainly easier than it is now. With the changing seasons comes the changing weather and for me, changing mood.

It happens every year. When the days are cold and dark, I just don’t have the energy. So, instead of trying to commit to an hour a day I will be engaging in a sort of interval workout. Last Sunday was cold and dark. I wanted to go out for a walk but the weather deterred me. What I did instead was mountain climbers throughout the day. After I brushed my teeth, I dropped down and did twenty. Then I got back in bed. It didn’t stop there though. I did it throughout the day; waiting for food – mountain climbers, commercial break – mountain climbers, and so on. It felt great. It felt so great that I decided to continue on my work from home days. Each day was a different exercise; mountain climbers, push ups, planks, jumping jacks, squats, etc. It didn’t really matter what I did. It mattered that I was moving with purpose.

It feels good to not have to block out an hour. Sometimes finding that hour is daunting. My home workouts are becoming more fun and more challenging each day. I am actually looking forward to them. Even better, I am enjoying the results. There have been no drastic changes in my physical appearance but I certainly feel great. With consistency, everything else will follow.

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