Me Time

The effects of neglecting me time often creep in without notice. Don’t find yourself on the brink of a meltdown because you stopped taking time for yourself. It happens so easily. Life is full of distractions. Before you know it your plate is full with family, work, and random obligations. It’s easy to forget to take time for yourself.

Carving out time each day to do a little of something you enjoy is crucial. It could be anything you enjoy from reading your favorite passage to treating yourself to a gift. The things that keep me balanced stem from art and nature. Taking a moment out of each day to focus on something I enjoy has given me balance that had escaped me. It’s made me happier and I hope easier to be around.

I enjoy my own company.  Sometimes my me time just consists of being alone in silence.  It helps me recharge and approach all of life’s obligations with a positive outlook.  Me time doesn’t have to be time spent alone though.  When you have people in your life whose company you enjoy as much as your own, they can absolutely be a part of your recharge.

How do you spend your me time?


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