Dyshidrotic Eczema

A few years ago I began to get tiny itchy blisters on my fingers.  I know, gross.  The doctor I saw at the time wasn’t much help.  She didn’t even try to diagnose the condition.  She said, “I’m not with you everyday so I don’t kow.  You’ll have to figure it out.” Yes, I actually had to pay for that appointment.  I would’ve been better off staying home and asking Google.

The people that actually cared about me were much more helpful.  I even remember my boss suggesting changing the hand soap at work just in case that was the cause.  I carefully explored all the possible external factors; soaps, dish detergent, laundry detergent, lotion etc.  I cut items out of my life one by one.  Nothing changed.

The more stressed I became, the worse the blisters would get.  Then I thought it must be internal.  Maybe stress rashes? I tried living a life with less stress.  That was nearly impossible.  Then my cousin suggested my diet may be causing the issue.  There was a gluten allergy in the family I hadn’t known about.  Perhaps that was causing my rash.  So I gave up gluten.

Giving up gluten seemed to work but it worked inconsistently.  Meanwhile more and more stressors were being added to my day to day.  I eventually decided this uncomfortable and unattractive ailment was just something I would have to live with.  I would have to give up hand modeling.  I would have to give up manicures.  I didn’t want anyone touching my hands.

It wasn’t until years later when I was seeing a new primary care physician that I learned the truth.  I went in for something else.  While I was there I thought I would throw this mystery her way.  She looked at my hands and immediately said, “eczema.” That was it.  After all that time and one careless doctor I had my answer.

I have a prescription now that clears up the blisters.  I use it sparingly though.  As with all drugs it has its side effects.  This one thins skin over time.  I don’t want that so sometimes I just suffer through the blisters.

It turns out I was right about one thing.  Stress is a trigger.  Knowing triggers, maintaining a skin care routine, and using medication sparingly helps.  I have found pure aloe vera, evaporated milk, and cold compresses to bring temporary relief.

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