Electronic Adventure

There’s a television in my kitchen that I rarely use.  In the past year I may have turned it on four times.  One day last month I decided to turn it on only to discover the remote was dead.  It wasn’t the batteries.  It was the remote.  I googled the remote and it appeared on Electronic Adventures website.  I had never heard of the company so I kept looking.

After a thorough search, it appeared Electronic Adventure was the only company that carried the remote I wanted.  I did not want a big universal remote.  I wanted the same small ergonomically friendly remote so I placed my order with Electronic Adventure.

After a few weeks, the package arrived.  It was not what I ordered.  It was a completely different remote.  It was a universal remote twice the size of what I ordered.  I immediately emailed the company.  This is their response.

Wait…what? So instead of cancelling my order they decided to keep my money and send me an item of their choice.  That’s not how it works.  After this experience I checked their reviews (something I should have done prior to my order) and discovered this is their practice.  It’s very likely that they have a warehouse full of universal remotes.  It appears they advertise specific remotes to get your money.  Then they send you one of their universal remotes.  If I wanted a universal remote I would pick one up at my local store.  It’s a scam.  On top of that it’s a scam that’s been in business since 1987 according to their response.

If you’re thinking of doing business with Electronic Adventure, don’t.

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