More to Come

It has been a while since my last post.  I have been keeping quite busy but still wanted to check in.  I am fine and well. Many things  are in the works for what I hope will be an exciting new year.  I prefer not to share what is coming.  Instead I will share some of what has been keeping me away.

I have been fortunate to be quite busy with my brand ambassador and promo work.  I have also gotten plenty of audition opportunities lately for which I am so grateful.  I have even expanded my online selling to some degree.  The last few weeks have been literally no days off.  I am exhausted but mostly I am grateful.

I am grateful for friends and strangers that have offered their support.  I am overjoyed to be surrounded by people, women mostly, that are genuinely happy for me.  There is no competition, no jealousy.  It is all love and support.  I am grateful for all that take the time to visit my page and leave comments; private or public.

It is my hope to be able to reveal all that has been in the works by January 2020.  In the meanwhile I just want to say, thank you.  I appreciate you.  Your support continues to motivate me.

Always grateful