Lipo Fitness Body Treatment – What to Expect

One of my favorite things to do is take a spa day.  The thing is, I have fallen into a routine.  I always request the same treatments.  Today I decided to try something new.  I saw Lipo Fitness on the menu and thought maybe this will give me a jump start.  I have been setting goals, mapping out different fitness routines, and planning my meals.  Adding a spa treatment could help, right? After reading the description, it was a go.  I was expecting a body wrap that would maybe help shed some water weight.  Here’s what happened.

Disclaimer- this treatment is not for those uncomfortable with being fully exposed during treatment.  It isn’t like a massage where one part of the body is exposed at a time.  At times you will only be in the disposable panty, no towel.  Also, your hair will get wet.  Even with the shower cap, your hair will get wet.

So the treatment started with me on my back.  The table was covered in plastic.  The silly part of me went straight to Dexter.  “This is how he starts his kills,” I thought.  Then I snapped back to reality.  I wasn’t about to be murdered.  I was about to be pampered.  I was covered in mud from my neck to my toes.  Then I was completely wrapped in plastic.  The plastic was then topped with what felt like a weighted blanket.  It was warm and soothing.  It didn’t take long for me to drift off into sleep.

I awoke just as the therapist re entered the room.  It was time to wash off the mud.  She uncovered me and turned on the shower heads.  After the thoughts of water boarding left my mind I really started to enjoy it.  Warm pulsating water hitting every inch of my body as she removed the mud. Now when I flipped onto my stomach, that was a little uncomfortable.  This wasn’t a massage table with a head attachment so I had to position my head on the pillow in such a way where I could still breathe.  I laughed to myself throughout the entire treatment but I really enjoyed it.

Next was exfoliation.  I felt like I was exfoliated no less than six times.  She was thorough and attentive.  After the exfoliation it was shower time again.  Lastly there was a full body application of moisturizer.  The experience wasn’t quite what I expected and that is not a bad thing.  I don’t know if there were immediate slimming results.  I didn’t check.  I can say though, that I walked out of the spa feeling taller and firmer…also a little sore as if I had just worked out.  I love that kind of sore.  I hope this helps you decide whether the treatment is right for you.  As for me I will be back.

Hair got a little wet but no biggie.