Life Hack: Lists

Making lists has made some of my most stressful days more manageable.  This morning at 3am I was already dreading the day ahead.  I was repeatedly running through the days to do list and growing more tired every time I thought about it.  Then I remembered how listing helps.

A few weeks ago I was preparing for back to back trips and feeling overwhelmed.  Then I wrote out everything I needed to accomplish before traveling.  For some reason writing it down felt like a transfer of the burden.  The responsibilities were very much still mine but the weight felt of my shoulders.  I no longer felt the need to constantly recall the list in my head.  I took it one step at a time.  I crossed things of the list as I accomplished them.  With the list, my overwhelming day was no longer insurmountable.

Today is going to be a list day.  There is power in writing.  Whether you’re writing a list, a goal, or a journal entry; there is power in pen and paper.  The next time you set out to accomplish something, write it down.  Watch how much more manageable it will be.