Tips For Those Who Journal

These tips are meant to assist both new and veteran writers with consistency. Choose the ones that work with your lifestyle.

  1. Decide how often you should put aside time to write.  My personal preference is daily.  Others may choose to write weekly.  Decide what works best for you and make an effort to keep that schedule.
  2. Choose your writing style.  I’m freeform.  Others need outlines or guidelines.  For instance, you may want to start with a recap of events. Next you could outline goals.  Your next entry could track progress on goals set etc.
  3. Choose your writing format.  This goes hand and hand with setting a schedule.  I journal manually.  If you journal daily and manually, it’s a good idea to keep your journal in plain sight.  My ideal writing time is right before bed.  Keeping my journal on my nightstand keeps me consistent.  (Worried about privacy? I’ll address that in my next post.)  If you’re a spontaneous manual writer, consider a small journal that can easily fit into a purse or pocket.  The same concept applies to those who journal electronically.  Keep your laptop or tablet near something you use daily.  Make sure your platform is mobile friendly for spontaneous posts.
  4. The most important tip is to not allow yourself to become discouraged.  You will miss a day, or two, or three.  That’s okay.  Life happens.  What’s important is that you return to your routine.



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