Living My Life in Love

Learning to live in love is a process; an ongoing process.  For me it takes time and commitment.  I can say it is worth every bit of the effort.  Yes, there are times when I fall short.  When I do, I just get back up and keep pushing forward.

There was a time when I felt happiness was not meant for me. It felt just out of reach. I now know that it is alright to be down from time to time.  If you keep abreast of what’s going on around the world, it’s difficult not to be.  The key for me is not to stay down for long.  I embrace pain just as I do love and happiness.  The difference is I do not live in pain.

As I continue to make positive changes, I attract more positivity.  It is amazing how things seem to fall into place.  Am I where I once thought I’d be at this point in life? No.  Am I overjoyed with where I am? Absolutely! It is so easy to focus on missed opportunities.  I choose not to do that.  Instead, I identify the lesson in every experience.  I use those lessons to grow.

I am looking forward to what the future has in store and sharing some of those moments with you.  Stay tuned…