Poshmark Tips for Buyers

Here’s what you need to know; like, bundle, buy now, make an offer, and follow


As a buyer you can “like” or bookmark items.  Liking an item is comparable to “adding to favorites.”  The feature allows buyers to quickly find an item they’ve previously shown interest in.  Liking an item also alerts the seller of your interest.  Some sellers will send private sale notifications solely to item likers.


Bundling is comparable to adding to a cart.  Buyers bundle for different reasons.  Some move liked items into a bundle when ready to purchase.  Bundling several items from one closet can be cost effective.  Some buyers offer flat bundle discounts.  Other buyers will customize a discount for each buyer that creates a bundle.  Bundling can also save on shipping costs.

Of course if you have found the item you want and are ready to buy you can skip the both the “like” and “bundle” features and go straight to “buy now” or “make an offer.”

Buy  now

Buy now is just that.  But what if you found the item you love but you don’t love the price?  If that’s the case, the next feature is right for you.

Make an Offer

Some prices are negotiable.  If a price is listed as “firm” it isn’t but lots of items are.  Don’t be afraid to make an offer.  The worst that can happen is buyer will so no.  Lot’s of buyers and sellers have been able to make deals from the Make An Offer feature so don’t be afraid to use it.

Last but not least Follow.  You can follow sellers that stock your style.  Their items will show up in your feed.  You can also bookmark a seller by “liking” their Meet the Posher listing.

I hope these tips help as you navigate Posh.  Happy Poshing!


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