Redirecting Your Focus

Redirecting Your Focus
Finding Your Happiness

By: Shira R Bethea*


To me happiness is many things. It is something I have. It is something I wear. Happiness looks good on me. In some ways it is a place. It was a journey finding it. It took longer than I had hoped but once I found it all the things I endured along the way seemed miniscule. I learned a valuable lesson. My happiness could not exist in the environment I was in. There comes a time when you really have to take a serious look at all the components of your life and decide what does and does not belong. That was my problem. I allowed too many things to exist in my life that did not belong. There were people that did not belong and they brought behaviors that did not belong. Once I figured that out, life became increasingly easier.

Do not get me wrong. My life still has it’s challenges. It still has its downs. I am just better equipped to handle anything that comes my way. So how did I get the strength to clean out my life. In one word, faith. Faith that I could overcome any obstacle set before me. Change can be hard. I still pray incessantly. Doing this gives me peace. It gives me strength and it gives me guidance. I have shocked myself with some of the things I have survived. I know it was not through my own strength alone that I survived. I am eternally grateful for all of the good gifts bestowed on me by my creator. That is one of the reasons why I have made a routine of meditating daily.

For me, maintaining a strong personal relationship with my creator is crucial in directing me to healthy human relationships. I knew that I had at least one relationship that was anything but healthy. For some reason, I allowed it. To this day I cannot be sure why. Perhaps I was doubtful of what I deserved. Perhaps I thought happiness was a fantasy. Whatever the reason, it went on far too long. Once I started to clean out my life, I could not stop. It was like a cleansing. It was then that something wonderful and unexpected happened. I fell in love. I fell in love with myself. Bit by bit things started to fall right into place. I was increasingly aware of me; what I had to offer and what I deserved. I found happiness in myself. I found happiness in my faith. I found happiness in my career. I found happiness in my circle of people that I had hand selected.

I never imagined I could be so happy. I believe that is precisely why I settled for less. Thank God for knowing better and doing better.

Make room for the better things that are coming.

 *previously published in Formation Magazine