Mexicano Square

My day was saved by a food truck. I have not decided whether it is healthy to get this level of comfort from food but there are worse things I could be doing. The day started off pretty well until I ran into one of my enemies, traffic.

On this particular day I had a shoot in Washington D.C.  It is probably best to navigate the city by train or Uber but I drove.  I arrived in plenty of time despite traffic only to face my other enemies; restricted parking and construction.  My call sheet alerted me that there was limited parking and listed two parking garages as options.  Street parking was permit only.  I didn’t want to risk a ticket so I proceeded to the first parking garage which turned out to be a parking lot that was also permit only.  Frustrated I proceeded to the second garage.  I was turned away.  The second garage was solely for government employees.

I ended up parking in a garage I found about a half mile away from set.  I was still making good time though.  Then it happened.  I exited the garage at Patriot Plaza and walked right into Mexicano Square.  There was a row of food trucks but Mexicano Square stood out.  I am happy to say I chose the right truck.

I ordered a burrito and in changed my entire mood. How good was it? So good that I couldn’t put it down long enough to get a good picture.  I did however get a pic of the social media handles.  Mexicano Square sells tacos, quesadillas, and burritos; pretty much exactly what you’d expect.  If this truck is near you, you have to treat yourself to this fresh, fast, and authentic Mexican Cuisine.  You will not regret it.