What I’m Loving Now – Drinking Vinegars

I recently attended the Natural Products Expo East.  What a grand experience! Four floors of wall to wall natural products.  I spent three days visiting vendors from all of the world.  In those three days I managed to visit hundreds of vendors; however, I still missed so much.  There was everything from specialty foods to supplements to health and beauty products.  Although the expo was weeks ago, I am still sampling products I received.   Right now one product that is standing out to me is drinking vinegars.

I have fallen in love with drinking vinegars by KeVita and Suja.  Before the expo I had no idea the product existed.  Over the years people have shared with me that they would drink small amounts of apple cider vinegar to promote weightloss.  What I have discovered in these drinking vinegars is so much better than taking a shot of straight vinegar.  The drinking vinegars come in a variety of flavors so you don’t just tolerate them.  You actually enjoy them! Of course they support digestive and immune health but more importantly, they taste good! I rerecommend the Meyer Lemon by KeVita and the Strawberry Balsamic by Suja Juice.