Your Hair IS Good Hair

If you happen to run into me over the coming months there is a good chance you will see me in a wig.  Why do I wear wigs? Simply because I want to.  That’s it.  I follow the natural hair community and I am still amazed at some of the assumptions I see made about people based solely on how they choose to wear their hair.  To me it is truly absurd.  You know what else I think is absurd; the thought that some hair is “good hair.”

As far as I am concerned all hair is good hair.  It is not limited to solely long or short or kinky or curly or straight.  It is all good.  The sooner we all really start to love ourselves and our attributes, the better we all will be.  Self love is a necessity.  That brings me to my next point.  To assume someone is hiding something, or lack of something, under a wig or weave is ridiculous. (Even if they are, how is that your business?) To assume things about a person’s character based on a hairstyle, also ridiculous.  However, I see it all too often.  Really what is the point? To those people I say, “worry about yourself.”  Figure out why your focus is on someone elses choices. Perhaps it comes from a place of self-doubt or insecurity and possibly a need to deflect.  Let me remind you, your hair is good hair and self-love will prevent you from tearing down others.  Start with that reminder and see where it takes you.




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