Your Hair IS Good Hair

If you happen to run into me over the coming months there is a good chance you will see me in a wig.  Why do I wear wigs? Simply because I want to.  That’s it.  I follow the natural hair community and I am still amazed at some of the assumptions I see made about people based solely on how they choose to wear their hair.  To me it is truly absurd.  You know what else I think is absurd; the thought that some hair is “good hair.”

As far as I am concerned all hair is good hair.  It is not limited to solely long or short or kinky or curly or straight.  It is all good.  The sooner we all really start to love ourselves and our attributes, the better we all will be.  Self love is a necessity.  That brings me to my next point.  To assume someone is hiding something, or lack of something, under a wig or weave is ridiculous. (Even if they are, how is that your business?) To assume things about a person’s character based on a hairstyle, also ridiculous.  However, I see it all too often.  Really what is the point? To those people I say, “worry about yourself.”  Figure out why your focus is on someone elses choices. Perhaps it comes from a place of self-doubt or insecurity and possibly a need to deflect.  Let me remind you, your hair is good hair and self-love will prevent you from tearing down others.  Start with that reminder and see where it takes you.



Rollers You Can Actually Sleep In

I have been doing this since I was a teenager. Don’t ask me why I am just now sharing it with the world. Over the years I have tried nearly every sort of roller. I even still have my lock and rolls.  Remember those? Different rollers, curlers, or rods have different purposes. They are made of different materials. They come in different sizes. They produce different curls. There is one thing though that they all have in common. Sleeping in them is unbearable.
The good news is many years ago I found away to sleep with a certain type of curler in my hair. The not so good news is it only provides one type of curl and it isn’t effective on every hair type. It works for me though. Maybe it will work for you too. My secret is paper. That’s right paper.
Let me demonstrate. I start by tearing paper into rectangular strips. Then I roll the paper like so.


I can now use this paper to curl the ends of my hair.  I typically use this technique for a twist out or braid out.  I wrap the end of the braid/twist around the paper like so.


Then I bring the two ends of the paper together and twist.





It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Summer is nearly over but the heat will remain a while longer. While I am anticipating Autumn and all the joys that come along with it, my current focus is Summer Clearances. Yes, seasonal clearances fall into my box of favorite things. Though of all the seasons Summer clearance is the most wonderful time of the year. Why? Well sandals are timeless.  They never go out of style.  It doesn’t matter whether your preference is flats, stilettos, or chunk heels because all of them are on a constant rotation.  This time of year you can find your favorite summer styles for as much as 70% off.  With the current weather forecast, there is still plenty of time to wear whatever you buy now this year.  Even if you don’t it is perfectly fine to save them for next summer.

Since the prices are so low this time of year, you may want to try what I did.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought some chunky heels and wedges.  Typically, my feet are adorned with strappy stilettos and island platforms in the summer.  On casual days, I love a FitFlop.  With the summer clearance I could get my usuals and some new additions for about the same or less than I would have paid for just my usuals.  It’s a win win.


Happy Shopping!