I cut my romper in two. I had too. If you have been following me over the years, you know my position on rompers and jumpsuits has gone back and forth. Well now it’s back again.

My original position was, though stylish, the look was not for me.  It was not a body type issue.  It was a functionality issue.  I had no desire to ever get naked in a public bathroom.  That meant where ever I was, I wouldn’t be able to stay long.  The idea just did not seem feasible.  After a few years I gave in.  I bought a romper.  Then I bought a jumpsuit.  Then I bought another.  I still had my same concern though.

Maybe I am a bit of a germaphobe.  I would practice getting in and out of these one piece outfits.  The goal was to move quickly in a confined space without ever letting any part of my outfit touch the floor or anything else for that matter.  The first time I went to a public bathroom in a romper, I was in Vegas.  I was nervous. I even asked for accompaniment just in case I ran into trouble.  Fortunately all my practice paid off and I was just fine on my own.

Even though I am now skilled in tight space romper removal, today I decided I would be happier in a stress free two piece.  Today was splitsville for that MK romper I fell in love with just over a year ago.  I made the first cut quickly.  After that there was no turning back.  I have to say I am happy with the outcome.  Check out the before and after pics.




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