Shopping Deja Vu

Oftentimes I find myself thinking that my purchase strongly resembles something already in my closet.  This happens at different times during my shopping experience, from first glance to check out.  It rarely deters me from my purchase.  I reason, “I like what I like” and I carry on.  Though yesterdays impromptu shoe shopping made me reconsider my method.  I bought four pairs of shoes; all of which resemble pairs already in my collection.  There are slight variations but ultimately they are more similar than different.  So what do I do? Do I keep my purchases? I decided yes.  Here’s why:

1. The similarities simply reflect my taste.  Having several options in similar styles allows me to relax.  It’s like having wardrobe insurance.  If something fails, there is always a comparable replacement nearby.

2.  I don’t want to live with regret.  On more than one occasion I have returned or donated something I later wanted to wear long after it was gone.  The styles I buy aren’t typically in circulation that long.  It hurts to see “this item is no longer available” on an item I once had and foolishly returned.

3.  I have similar styles at different price points.  There are times when I have a look in mind but I don’t want to wear the higher price point version to a particular event.

4.  I rarely ever pay full price.  Chances are whatever I bought, I bought at a steal.

For all those reasons, and more, I have decided it is perfectly fine for me to buy items that resemble items in my current collection.  By no means am I directing you.  I am simply explaining how I came to my decision.  Perhaps it will help you when you encounter your own shopping deja vu.




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