Fashion is Art

One of the most attainable forms of expression is fashion.  Fashion can express, as well as induce, emotion.  Fashion is an outlet for creativity, a form of therapy, and a booming industry.  Oddly it also at times is a cause of contempt.  Fashion choices have made some objects of ridicule.  I wholeheartedly believe in fashion freedom.  Clearly everything is not for everybody.  I say that from a stand point of “that’s for you and not for me” not from a standpoint of “that’s not for you.”

Yes, I offer fashion consultation when asked.  I offer tips and guidelines.  What I don’t do is tell people what they are not allowed to wear.  I believe fashion should be freeing not restrictive.  It should build confidence, not insecurities.

In addition to judgement of others when it comes to their individual style, I have noticed judgement surrounding what people choose to spend on fashion.  As I said before, Fashion is art.  It’s true value is in the eyes if the owner.  I haven’t criticized anyone for the amount spent on paintings or sculptures and I certainly don’t plan on criticizing someone about what they spend on shoes or handbags.  Frankly it is none of my business.

I view collections of clothing and accessories as art.  I enjoy closets just as much as I enjoy museums.  There is just so much to admire; craftsmanship, color, texture.  I could go on and on.  The gist is fashion is an art form that makes me happy to wear and to watch.