Social Awareness

Those of you that have been following this blog know that the topics are fairly light.  I have plenty to say but this particular platform is specifically for lighter topics.  Recently, however, I have been contributing articles and essays to Formation Magazine focused on social awareness.  Below are excerpts from two of my recent articles:

When Is It Okay?

 A Public Display of Antipathy

A recent trip to the grocery store left me questioning my moral compass.  It has been days since the incident and I am still wondering if I did the right thing.  I arrived at the store just minutes after it opened.  The store was practically empty.  I passed only one other customer my first few minutes in the store.  Then I passed an elderly couple.  The couple was stopped at the end of an aisle.  They appeared to be in the midst of a quarrel.  It happens.  No big deal right.  Then I saw it.  My peripheral vision caught the man swat the woman across the face.   By the time I processed what I saw I had already passed the couple.  I was, however, heading towards a store associate.  I told the associate what I saw.  She without even so much as looking at me told me I need to tell a manager.  She clearly was disinterested. 

A Simple Choice

I have a basic guideline with most of my life decisions.  The method is in no way fail proof but I believe it works pretty well.  Most people I know have a clear idea of how their lives are supposed to play out.  The short version is get an education, establish a career, marry, start a family, and of course live happily ever after.  What though if you’re sidetracked? What happens if you are thrown a curve ball? If you have spent your life depending on one plan you will likely lose it when something falls out of place.  People often need to be reminded that there is more than one path to every destination.  Missing one step does not dictate doom.

If you would like to read more visit for the complete articles.


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