Light and Fruity Spring Salad

Spring is salad season for me.  This time of year you can find me making different salad dressings and putting together different salad combinations using my favorite fruits, vegetables, nuts, and pastas.  This particular salad may be a favorite this season.  If you invite me over and ask me to bring salad, there is a good chance you’ll get this.

I start with a Spring mix of greens.


I top it with fresh strawberries, blueberries, green apple, cashews, and blue cheese.


For dressing I mix apple cider vinegar, olive oil, orange juice, and orange blossom honey.  It is so good.


Time to eat!

Homemade Body Butter

Some months ago I decided that I would start making my own health and beauty products. My plan was to make homemade body butter, deodorant, and toothpaste. I came up with my ingredient list. I even purchased the ingredients. Then life got in the way. Well I finally got around to my first trial. This is how it went.

I decided I would attempt body butter first. The ingredient list was simple. I would use natural shea butter as my base. I would add an oil to loosen the texture and an essential oil for scent. I decided to try castor oil and lavender for this first go round.

I started by boiling water. I would use the boiling water to loosen the shea butter. That way it would be easier to mix. Since it was my first attempt I decided to only make a little. I scooped four large tablespoons of shea butter into a glass jar and placed the jar in the boiling water.  Be careful not to leave it to long like I did.  I left it for three minutes.  It turned into oil.


No worries though.  I added one large tablespoon of castor oil to the shea butter and three drops of lavender essential oil.  Then I mixed the ingredients and waited for them to solidify.  Of course I couldn’t wait.  I put some oil on my skin immediately and it felt glorious.  It still feels glorious and the scent is so relaxing.  This is so easy.  Why did I ever pay $20 for body butter with mystery ingredients.  From now on, I will be making my body butter at home.


It took about a half hour for the consistency to change from an oil to a butter.