Eating My Feelings

I have yet to decide if biting my tongue as much as I do is healthy. I do it because I know words cannot be taken back. I also know that some people will hold on to those words for a lifetime.  Anyone who has spent a good deal of time with me knows I really am a person of few words.  My thoughts, however, are tremendous.  I am extremely selective of what I share and even moreso who I share it with.

Another reason I choose to bite my tongue is I am relentlessly honest.  Some would say mean.  I know that everyone is not receptive to the truth.  Besides my face tells on me at times.  That comes in handy.  It has been a great tool in sharing what is on my mind without opening my mouth and releasing those words that can’t come back.

So here’s where the problem lies.  Holding back protects the would be recipient but could be damaging to me.  I cannot help but wonder if an implosion could be imminent.  I can’t have that so I eat.  Sweet and salty distractions take me to another place.  It’s a place where people can be as foolish as they want and I remain unaffected.  I don’t react.  I don’t risk imprisonment.  The foolish bask in their oblivion.  Everybody wins…or does everyone lose….

Anyway, this lovely distraction got me through yesterday.


I don’t even remember what I was in my feelings about. 😊