My Accessories Multitask

I have long been a fan of the designs of most Chanel jewelry. To me it manages to make baroque stylish.  Some of the necklaces approach gaudy but don’t cross that line.  That in itself amazes me.  Though I am a fan; at this juncture in my life I cannot fathom spending three thousand dollars on gold plated zinc.  There is plenty I would spend the money on.  That’s just not on my list.  So what do I do when I want to pull off a similar look without breaking the bank? I make my accessories multitask.

I want to style a simple t-shirt with a thick gold link necklace.  Here’s what I came up with.


It’s not a necklace.  It’s a belt that is now serving as a necklace.  I double wrapped my $45 Michael Kors chain belt and it gave me the precise look I wanted for less.  I only paid $10 for the belt at DSW.  It’s still stylish.  It’s still designer.  I still have money in the bank.  I’ve already gotten more than my moneys worth.  By making my accessories multitask I can rock various looks while spending close to no money.

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