Forgotten Fidelity

I often hear women say, “all men cheat.”  It’s a sentiment to which I don’t subscribe.  When I hear people say, “all men cheat” or “all women cheat” I believe it’s just an exaggeration based on that persons personal experience.  Going forward I am going to reference women referring to men but the sexes are interchangeable.  Use what I am saying as you see fit.

Chances are if you believe all men cheat you likely have never witnessed fidelity.  That in itself is not enough to make a declaration about all men.  Let’s switch gears for a moment.  I personally have never seen a scorpion.  I haven’t declared that scorpions don’t exist based on me never seeing one.  Instead I have recognized if I would like to see a scorpion for myself I will need to change my environment.  They simply don’t exist where I live under normal circumstances.  Similarly, if you have not come across men that practice fidelity, look around.  You may need to change your environment.

There is a saying, “gone but not forgotten.” In the case of fidelity I believe it’s quite the opposite, forgotten by some but not completely gone.


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