One Pan Dish Staring Yellow Potatoes

I love potatoes. There are so many types of potatoes and even more ways to prepare them. If you have been following me, you have probably noticed I also love one pan dishes. They’re great for busy people, lazy people, and kitchen challenged people. Really anyone can make a good meal that is balanced and delicious.  Today I decided to marry two of my loves; potatoes and one pan dishes.  What I came up with is another one to add to the quick and easy pile.

I started with three yellow potatoes.  I’m making two servings, one and a half potatoes per person.  I cut my potatoes into chunks and added them to my pan which was on medium heat with three teaspoons of olive oil.  I am going to add green beens next (I am using frozen green beans.) but I want to give my potatoes a head start.  So I began to cut the rest of my ingredients; five strips of turkey bacon (two and a half strips per person) and about four onces of mushrooms.


Once I am finish chopping the bacon and mushrooms, I add my frozen green beans to the pan.  I also add three garlic cloves, minced.


Lastly, I add my bacon and mushrooms.  I stir occasionally and cook until my potatoes are nice and brown.  That’s it! Quick, easy, and delicious.




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