Microwave Peanut Butter Cookie

My oven repair technician’s incompetence is forcing me to be creative. Currently, I only have my stovetop and microwave at my disposal. I can’t seem to shake this peanut butter cookie craving. So here goes experiment number one.


I’m starting small in case this goes horribly wrong.  First things first. I butter a four inch pie plate.


Next I accidentally pour in too much brown sugar.  I’m off to a great start.  I only wanted about a teaspoon.  I’m only making one cookie afterall…oh well.  Trial and error, right? This may be good.


Next I sprinkle a little baking powder over that mound of brown sugar.  Then I add a tablespoon of peanut butter, a drop of vanilla, and who knows how much rice flour.  At this point I am not even measuring.  I will just mix and if it looks crazy, I will add something else.


Oh, I almost forgot to fold in some peanuts.  Okay it actually doesn’t look to bad.  Now to decide how long to leave it in the microwave.  Hmm, let’s try 90 seconds.


Wow, not bad.  Not bad at all.  I wish I had some soy vanilla ice cream to go on top.  That would be perfect.  I will definitely do this again.


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