Vegan BBQ

I’m making vegan bbq and you can too. This is another one for the quick and easy file. Here’s what I use: Portobello mushrooms, firm tofu, fresh garlic, cayenne pepper, paprika, brown sugar, olive oil, bbq sauce and liquid smoke. Let’s get started.


First I rough chop my mushrooms.  Then I add firm tofu.  I purchased it cubed to save me a step.  Next I season and mix.  You can season it however you choose.  I listed my favorites above.  I intended to bake but my oven decided to war against me today.  So stovetop it is.


I have the mixture on medium heat and stir occasionally.  It only takes a few minutes for the mushrooms to cook down and the kitchen to fill with the glorious aroma of my spice blend.  Now it’s time to add bbq sauce and let it simmer.


While it’s simmering I’m going to quickly whip up some cole slaw and potatoes.  By the time I’m done it will be ready to serve.




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