Not Just Love

Love is the root of my being. I am imperfect and sometimes fall off track but I always come back to love; love of neighbors, love of strangers, romantic love. It’s a guiding force. This morning I woke up thinking about romantic love and qualities I believe are found in happy lasting bonds.

I can speak only for myself.  Some of you may agree.  For me it’s simple.  Love of course is a given.  In addition to that love I require dedication, loyalty, compromise.  People often talk of unconditional love but I am okay with conditions.  Some things are just off limits.  Conditions can lead to deal breakers.  However, the right person will know this (not through psychic abilities but through actual conversations and observations) and not take you there.

What I am referencing is a deeply rooted partnership.  You and your partner can and do talk about everything.  You share the same goals.  Though your expertise may be different you’re both always working toward shared goals.  You love and appreciate your differences.  You realize that those differences make you stronger, well rounded, and nearly unstoppable.

People oftentimes take notice when you are a strong positive force.  Reactions can be both negative and positive.  However, a strong partnership will be unaffected by negative outside energy as it only allows positivity in.  The partnership is by no means perfect.  It is, though, open.  It evolves and improves with time. The goal is always to be better, stronger, happier.  It’s an everlasting journey; acquiring more knowledge and more happiness along the way.  Although love is the foundation, it’s not just love.


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