GCB is good TV

I own the first and unfortunately only season of GCB. What do I need to do to get this show back on the air? I have been told I have an odd sense of humor but I couldn’t possibly be the only one who loved that show. It wasn’t my typical dark humor. It was that good old “it’s funny because it’s true” humor.
GCB aired for one season in the Spring of 2012 on ABC.
If you couldn’t appreciate the comedy, surely you could appreciate the fashion. I could watch the show on mute and just look at the gorgeous fashion parade.  Every episode was a Neiman Marcus fashion show.  All of the characters were stylish.  Gigi, played by Annie Potts, was my favorite fashion friend.  The story took place mostly in Texas.  The wardrobe team was able to pull off big bold looks without going overboard.  Here’s Gigi in one of my favorite looks from the show.  In this scene her dress is a simple silhouette in a bold color with even bolder jewelry; and big hair of course.


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