Forgotten Fidelity

I often hear women say, “all men cheat.”  It’s a sentiment to which I don’t subscribe.  When I hear people say, “all men cheat” or “all women cheat” I believe it’s just an exaggeration based on that persons personal experience.  Going forward I am going to reference women referring to men but the sexes are interchangeable.  Use what I am saying as you see fit.

Chances are if you believe all men cheat you likely have never witnessed fidelity.  That in itself is not enough to make a declaration about all men.  Let’s switch gears for a moment.  I personally have never seen a scorpion.  I haven’t declared that scorpions don’t exist based on me never seeing one.  Instead I have recognized if I would like to see a scorpion for myself I will need to change my environment.  They simply don’t exist where I live under normal circumstances.  Similarly, if you have not come across men that practice fidelity, look around.  You may need to change your environment.

There is a saying, “gone but not forgotten.” In the case of fidelity I believe it’s quite the opposite, forgotten by some but not completely gone.

My Accessories Multitask

I have long been a fan of the designs of most Chanel jewelry. To me it manages to make baroque stylish.  Some of the necklaces approach gaudy but don’t cross that line.  That in itself amazes me.  Though I am a fan; at this juncture in my life I cannot fathom spending three thousand dollars on gold plated zinc.  There is plenty I would spend the money on.  That’s just not on my list.  So what do I do when I want to pull off a similar look without breaking the bank? I make my accessories multitask.

I want to style a simple t-shirt with a thick gold link necklace.  Here’s what I came up with.


It’s not a necklace.  It’s a belt that is now serving as a necklace.  I double wrapped my $45 Michael Kors chain belt and it gave me the precise look I wanted for less.  I only paid $10 for the belt at DSW.  It’s still stylish.  It’s still designer.  I still have money in the bank.  I’ve already gotten more than my moneys worth.  By making my accessories multitask I can rock various looks while spending close to no money.

One Pan Dish Staring Yellow Potatoes

I love potatoes. There are so many types of potatoes and even more ways to prepare them. If you have been following me, you have probably noticed I also love one pan dishes. They’re great for busy people, lazy people, and kitchen challenged people. Really anyone can make a good meal that is balanced and delicious.  Today I decided to marry two of my loves; potatoes and one pan dishes.  What I came up with is another one to add to the quick and easy pile.

I started with three yellow potatoes.  I’m making two servings, one and a half potatoes per person.  I cut my potatoes into chunks and added them to my pan which was on medium heat with three teaspoons of olive oil.  I am going to add green beens next (I am using frozen green beans.) but I want to give my potatoes a head start.  So I began to cut the rest of my ingredients; five strips of turkey bacon (two and a half strips per person) and about four onces of mushrooms.


Once I am finish chopping the bacon and mushrooms, I add my frozen green beans to the pan.  I also add three garlic cloves, minced.

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Fashion Always Repeats

I don’t know about you but I am fairly often looking for something I got rid of long ago.  What I am learning is unless it’s ill fitting I will probably want to wear it again.

If you purchase quality clothes they will keep for decades.  Some styles may seem passing but they always come back.  Case and point, growing up my mom had tons of chain belts.  I don’t know if she still has them.  I will have to ask.  Look what I bought just this morning.


Mom could’ve saved me some money with hers.  You know me though; I did not pay retail.  I always get deals.

My point is fashion always repeats itself.  If you’re at least 20 yrs old you’ve seen it first hand.  If not google fashion trends over the decades.  You will find something that you would wear today.  In fact you may find something in your parents closet.  Just a thought.

1 to 1 Gluten Free Flour

I did some baking today and I have to say I am not a huge fan of this 1 to 1 baking flour.  I did like the texture and density but it gave my blueberry muffins an odd almost nutty flavor.


I also made peanut butter cookies.  Of course the nutty flavor of the flour didn’t have an adverse effect on the cookies.  I have also used this baking flour for frying batter. It served that purpose just fine.

I don’t think I will be buying this particular flour again though. Based on this experience I could probably use it solely for my peanut butter cookies or banana nut bread.  It may work for brownies.  I don’t know if I will bother trying though.  I will probably use what’s remaining for banana pancakes.  I think the nutty flavor will be fine in banana pancakes.  I may need to stick to rice flour for my gluten free baking needs. The rice flour has not failed me yet.

Update: As expected the nutty flavor worked well in my banana pancakes.  Bananas are both in the batter and on top.


Microwave Peanut Butter Cookie

My oven repair technician’s incompetence is forcing me to be creative. Currently, I only have my stovetop and microwave at my disposal. I can’t seem to shake this peanut butter cookie craving. So here goes experiment number one.


I’m starting small in case this goes horribly wrong.  First things first. I butter a four inch pie plate.


Next I accidentally pour in too much brown sugar.  I’m off to a great start.  I only wanted about a teaspoon.  I’m only making one cookie afterall…oh well.  Trial and error, right? This may be good.


Next I sprinkle a little baking powder over that mound of brown sugar.  Then I add a tablespoon of peanut butter, a drop of vanilla, and who knows how much rice flour.  At this point I am not even measuring.  I will just mix and if it looks crazy, I will add something else.


Oh, I almost forgot to fold in some peanuts.  Okay it actually doesn’t look to bad.  Now to decide how long to leave it in the microwave.  Hmm, let’s try 90 seconds.


Wow, not bad.  Not bad at all.  I wish I had some soy vanilla ice cream to go on top.  That would be perfect.  I will definitely do this again.

Vegan BBQ

I’m making vegan bbq and you can too. This is another one for the quick and easy file. Here’s what I use: Portobello mushrooms, firm tofu, fresh garlic, cayenne pepper, paprika, brown sugar, olive oil, bbq sauce and liquid smoke. Let’s get started.


First I rough chop my mushrooms.  Then I add firm tofu.  I purchased it cubed to save me a step.  Next I season and mix.  You can season it however you choose.  I listed my favorites above.  I intended to bake but my oven decided to war against me today.  So stovetop it is.


I have the mixture on medium heat and stir occasionally.  It only takes a few minutes for the mushrooms to cook down and the kitchen to fill with the glorious aroma of my spice blend.  Now it’s time to add bbq sauce and let it simmer.

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Not Just Love

Love is the root of my being. I am imperfect and sometimes fall off track but I always come back to love; love of neighbors, love of strangers, romantic love. It’s a guiding force. This morning I woke up thinking about romantic love and qualities I believe are found in happy lasting bonds.

I can speak only for myself.  Some of you may agree.  For me it’s simple.  Love of course is a given.  In addition to that love I require dedication, loyalty, compromise.  People often talk of unconditional love but I am okay with conditions.  Some things are just off limits.  Conditions can lead to deal breakers.  However, the right person will know this (not through psychic abilities but through actual conversations and observations) and not take you there.

What I am referencing is a deeply rooted partnership.  You and your partner can and do talk about everything.  You share the same goals.  Though your expertise may be different you’re both always working toward shared goals.  You love and appreciate your differences.  You realize that those differences make you stronger, well rounded, and nearly unstoppable.

People oftentimes take notice when you are a strong positive force.  Reactions can be both negative and positive.  However, a strong partnership will be unaffected by negative outside energy as it only allows positivity in.  The partnership is by no means perfect.  It is, though, open.  It evolves and improves with time. The goal is always to be better, stronger, happier.  It’s an everlasting journey; acquiring more knowledge and more happiness along the way.  Although love is the foundation, it’s not just love.

GCB is good TV

I own the first and unfortunately only season of GCB. What do I need to do to get this show back on the air? I have been told I have an odd sense of humor but I couldn’t possibly be the only one who loved that show. It wasn’t my typical dark humor. It was that good old “it’s funny because it’s true” humor.
GCB aired for one season in the Spring of 2012 on ABC.
If you couldn’t appreciate the comedy, surely you could appreciate the fashion. I could watch the show on mute and just look at the gorgeous fashion parade.  Every episode was a Neiman Marcus fashion show.  All of the characters were stylish.  Gigi, played by Annie Potts, was my favorite fashion friend.  The story took place mostly in Texas.  The wardrobe team was able to pull off big bold looks without going overboard.  Here’s Gigi in one of my favorite looks from the show.  In this scene her dress is a simple silhouette in a bold color with even bolder jewelry; and big hair of course. Continue reading