Live G Free Gluten Free Wraps

These things have become one of my kitchen staples.  If you have seen my Instagram lately you already know.  These wraps have replaced sandwich bread in my kitchen.  I find myself using them everyday.  The best part is they could pass for regular flour tortillas.

At one point I started substituting regular flour tortillas with soft corn tortillas.  I didn’t love the texture.  I prefer my corn tortillas hard.  Now my problems have been solved.  Just this week I have used these Live G Free wraps for pb&j, deli wraps, and cheesesteak wraps.  I may try pizza next.  I already have a gluten free pizza crust I love though.  Maybe I’ll go with breakfast burritos instead.  We’ll see.


Closet Comparison – Rhinestone Sandals

If you like the sandals I posted yesterday but don’t like the price, here are some alternatives. I found these Zigi Soho’s at DSW. The style isn’t exactly the same but it’s similar. Notice they come in different colors. I purchased both the multi color and the gold because the price was right. One pair didn’t cost me anything. The other was well under twenty dollars. I believe these actually sell for about $80. However if you shop smart, you can get them for less like I did.  Happy Shopping!


Sandals Can Keep Me Warm

Here’s my latest fashion find. Isn’t it always the case that you find the best things when you’re not looking for them? This rings true in many aspects of life. It just so happens today it applies to fashion.

The plan for today was to quickly run out to do a return and then get out of the cold.  Everything was going according to plan.  I survived the maniacs on the road and was running through the parking lot to get to the heated store.  Once inside I let out a sigh of relief, warmth.  Feeling relieved from the bitter cold I slowed down my pace.

That’s when it happened.  I saw my new shoes.  Now if I had continued my cold weather hustle I may have missed them.  Even though they caught my eye, I never stopped walking.  I continued to the register.  I was there for a return only.  After the return I could’ve detoured out of the store.  Instead I went the same way I came.  This time I stopped to admire the sandal.  I was wearing boots, something appropriate for the weather.  Looking at that sandal took me to a happier place, a warmer place.

I picked up the display shoe.  It was a 38 1/2. I’m a 38. There were no 38s in stock.  Perhaps it wasn’t meant for me.  Still I couldn’t look away.  I decided to try on the display.  It was no easy task either.  I had to roll up my pants to get off my warm knee socks.  In the end it was worth it.  I loved the way the shoe looked and even more so how it made me feel, warm.  Now I’m home enjoying my new shoes.  It may be cold outside but it’s warm in here.


Sleep Deprivation

I'd rather be sleeping.
I’d rather be sleeping.

Self employment has destroyed my sleeping patterns.  I used to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day; no alarm clock required.  No I find myself working all hours of the day and night.  It has completely thrown my sleep patterns through a loop.

A few months ago I discovered the nap.  It was glorious! I had no idea what I had been missing.  Since it is sometimes hard to sleep when I need to, naps help.  If I feel one coming on and I can take a break, I do.  It is amazing the boost I get from a ten to thirty minute nap.  The problem is I rarely get a full nights sleep.

I think the naps are to blame.  How can something that makes me feel so good turn around and make me feel like crap? From what I see, the problem is….I actually don’t know what the problem is.  What I do know is my body needs rest.  If it’s only in ten to thirty minute increments so be it.  That’s better than nothing at all.  I imagine at some point my sleep pattern will evolve.  Until then I will take it when I can get it.