What I Wore

Selecting wardrobe for events can sometimes be an event in itself. Fortunately for me, it’s an event I very much enjoy. Last night I attended a movie screening. I knew in advance that I would be wearing all black.  A week before the event I had four options in mind, all dresses.  The day before I completely scratched that option and decided to go another route.

I went with a look that was comfortable while appropriate for the occasion and highly unlikely to be duplicated by another guest.  Here’s what I wore: a simple black top from H&M under a calf length sheer black kaftan (also from H&M); black sequins joggers by guess; and black and gold platform pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti.

I didn’t buy anything new.  I shopped my closet.  It’s full of wonderful things I have forgotten.  It makes for nice suprises when selecting wardrobe.  Since I’ve had the items a while the exact items are out of circulation but you can still shop similar looks.  Here are some items I found that were comparable.



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