What I Wore

Selecting wardrobe for events can sometimes be an event in itself. Fortunately for me, it’s an event I very much enjoy. Last night I attended a movie screening. I knew in advance that I would be wearing all black.  A week before the event I had four options in mind, all dresses.  The day before I completely scratched that option and decided to go another route.

I went with a look that was comfortable while appropriate for the occasion and highly unlikely to be duplicated by another guest.  Here’s what I wore: a simple black top from H&M under a calf length sheer black kaftan (also from H&M); black sequins joggers by guess; and black and gold platform pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti.

I didn’t buy anything new.  I shopped my closet.  It’s full of wonderful things I have forgotten.  It makes for nice suprises when selecting wardrobe.  Since I’ve had the items a while the exact items are out of circulation but you can still shop similar looks.  Here are some items I found that were comparable.


When Retail Therapy Lets You Down

Sometimes retail therapy fails miserably.  It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it stings.  My favorite stores have been gearing me up with incentives to visit.  It’s standard behavior this time of year.  Personally, I prefer online shopping but I can be swayed to shop in store.

Last week I set aside time to go through the offers I received.  I decided which stores I would visit and when.  Today was DSW day.  I love shopping  DSW online.  I do occasionally find things in store.  Online is my sweet spot though.  DSW recently sent me a rewards certificate and a coupon that I was ready to use online.  Then they sent me this.


SOLD! I will see you in store.  It would certainly be worth the trip for brownies.  Just look at the picture; chocolate fudge, candy cane crunch, black and white, and pumpkin caramel crumb cake.  Oh my!

Long story short, not only did I not find one item to spend my rewards certificate on but after whispers between staff I was told they didn’t have the brownies.  They were very nice though.  They even offered to ship me brownies once they came in.  The disappointment threw off my morning though.  I was so excited to get my brownies.  I even talked about it during my morning exercise class.  I just knew I would be leaving class and enjoying a novelty brownie.  Instead I went home and made my own brownies which took nearly an hour.  I wanted instant gratification brownies, not forever brownies.

I couldn’t wait any longer.  I cut a brownie while hot.  I knew it would crumble but I was tired of waiting.  As I ate my brownie crumbs, I received notification of another retail fail.  It was an email stating my online order that I placed a day before with a different store was no longer available.  The email went on to tell me I wouldn’t be charged for the order.  Well I would hope not! I never understood how these retailers could take online orders, send you confirmation of the order, and then come back days later saying items aren’t available.  It’s bad business.

I think the universe is telling me shopping isn’t really therapy.  Lately it’s been more stressful than calming.  Maybe it’s time to go back to the basics.  Cooking usually puts me in a good mind space.  Working out has been a good stress reliever too.  Maybe it’s time to trade in that retail therapy for something more physical.  I may revisit retail therapy but for now I think I will take a break.

My Introduction to Aerial Arts

As some of you already know, I started taking beginner aerial classes a few weeks ago. I am seeing real improvement in the short time I have been practicing. The introductory classes are conditioning me for both aerial silks and lyra.  The classes are both fun and challenging.  I am not a big fan of the bruises and calloused hands that come with the workout.  They are part of the territory though so I will wear them proudly.  Here are some of my progress pics.


Fitness Goals

I have a few goals. None of them involve weight loss. My goals more so center around maintenance. Trust me, maintenance takes just as much discipline. I have been battling cravings all day. Earlier what I wanted was pizza; what I actually had was salad. Just now a pasta craving came in. I can close my eyes and taste creamy alfredo sauce. I won’t be having pasta though. Instead of pasta I grabbed an apple and started writing this post.

Like I said, it’s not easy. For me it helps to make short-term goals.  I didn’t give into my cravings today but I may tomorrow.  If I do, it’s okay.  It’s not the end of the world.  I just have to keep my goals in mind. It’s not just about food either.  Though food is a huge part I am a little more strict with staying active than I am with watching what I eat.

The easiest way to stay active is to find activities you like.  That way it isn’t a chore.  There are so many options both traditional and trendy.  There is truly something for everyone.  I recently gave aerial arts a try.  The workouts are both fun and challenging.  It’s a workout that’s sure to hold my attention since there is so much to learn.

For me, maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy but it is certainly worth it.  It means having healthy relationships.  The relationships I keep have a direct impact on whether I will eat right or exercise.  It’s an important factor that’s often overlooked.  Fortunately the people closest to me motivate me.