Fried Mushrooms

I rarely fry anything. On occasion, though, I crave fried chicken or fried shrimp. When I do, fried mushrooms always satisfy. You can fry any type of mushroom you choose. My favorite is oyster mushrooms.


I start by soaking my mushrooms in almond milk.  This helps the flour adhere to the mushrooms.  It doesn’t matter if the mushrooms are in the milk a minute, an hour, or a day. 


Next I work on the breading.  I pour rice flour, potato starch, corn meal, and a blend of cajun spices on a plate.  Then I simply blend it with a fork before coating the mushrooms.



Lastly, I deep fry the mushrooms until they’re golden brown.  This takes less than two minutes.


I like my mushrooms with siracha and honey.  Yum!20151031_110414