Winter Cravings Comfort Foods

I don’t know about you but for me Autumn is the start of slow down season.  By the time winter comes I am close to a complete stop.  While most of the world is doing the holiday shuffle, I am getting into a relaxed state.  As the tempertures lower my thoughts go to soft blankets, warm drinks, and comfort foods.

The problem is I have spent all Spring and Summer working hard to maintain my ideal size.  I don’t want to fall to far off track.  Now I will occasionally splurge and give in to my not so good for me cravings.  However, I have to make sure that the occasional splurge does not turn into a regular practice.  I have been working on substitutes for my cravings that will satisfy without leaving a feeling of guilt.  As I create the recipes I will share them here.  Stay tuned!

I’d Rather Ride – Random Rant

Given the choice between driving and riding I will pick riding most every time. There was a time when driving could be a relaxing experience; open road, warm breeze, and good music. That rarely happens anymore. You know what does happen? Traffic, traffic at all hours. Also idiots happen, lots of them. Take today for example.
In one day I witnessed two people driving with both feet, TWO! The brake lights are on and they’re going full speed ahead. I also witnessed a driver with their wipers on for ten miles (maybe longer. I parted ways at the ten mile mark.) Did I mention it wasn’t raining? Now I know I shouldn’t be so bothered by bouts of idiocracy that seemingly don’t hurt anyone other than the idiot committing the acts. I like for things to make sense though. I am slowly learning to let go of that need. Sense is not possessed by all. I have to learn to accept that. In the meanwhile I am irritated.

Then there are the idiots that actually affect me.  The ones that want to share my lane or the ones that want to test their brakes on the beltway.  Let’s not forget the distracted drivers that slam into cars that aren’t even in motion.  Yes, that has happened to me too.  I briefly considered getting a horse.  Nobody hits horses.  That’s not very realistic for what I do though.  Then I thought about a helicopter.  Not everyone has a landing pad though.  I guess I will just have to deal or maybe ride with Uber.