Boyfriend Shirt

Most women at one time or another have thrown on a man’s shirt. Usually it is out of convenience; lounging around the house or running a quick errand. How many though have intentionally planned to wear menswear? I have and it works well.
Here are two of the looks I pulled together using his shirts. The beauty is they’re both easy to pull off. For the first look, take one of his button ups, cinch it with a belt, and cuff the sleeves. That’s it. It can be worn with shorts, leggings, pencil skirts, or even as a dress. It sure beats shopping for a shirt dress.



For the second look I used his hoodie for a comfy laid back look.  I loved the detail in this hoodie.  I love texture and this one brings it.  I happened to have a clutch that went great with this top.  I threw on leggings and voila!  This looks great with wedge tennis.


So the next time you want to shop but you don’t want to spend, raid his side of the closet.  You may find some treasures ☺


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