Opposites Attract

Leather and lace.  Hot and cold.  Hard and soft.  Let’s face it, whether in food or fashion or life in general; opposites attract.  Today I am displaying examples of just that as it pertains to fashion. Specifically, leather and lace.

It’s one of my favorite combinations.  I love blending the two textures.  Perhaps it’s a poetic extension of me, a physical display of my characteristic layers. Let’s take a peak into my personal closet to see just how well these opposites attract.  I picked three combinations to share with you.  The first is a casual blend of a ponte knit and leather mini with a lace tank.


The next look combines a faux leather skater with a lace crop top and lace booties.PhotoGrid_1438438727081PhotoGrid_1438438781380Lastly, I am sharing a softer look.  I paired an ivory lace dress with red braided leather sandals.


 The possibilities are truly endless.  The is a combination for nearly every occasion.  These are just a few if my favs.