Yesterday I did something I thought was highly unlikely.  Let me take you back about a year or so ago.  I was browsing one of my favorite websites, shopbop, when a dress caught my eye.  It wasn’t just any dress.  It was a red, leather, fit and flare, cut out dress by Sally Lapointe.  I could see myself in that dress.  I couldn’t see myself spending the money but I saw myself in that dress.  I would look at that dress several times a day even going as far as putting it in my cart but not checking out.  Then one day it happened, 70% off.  This sale was for me.  It had to be.  There was only one problem.  Those kinds of sales mean limited sizes are available.  This was indeed the case.  There was one dress available and that dress was a size 6.

I’m a proud size 8. Proud because I worked hard to get there after teethering at 10/12. I thought maybe the dress is cut big or maybe it’ll stretch.  It is leather afterall.  The bargaining continued until I convinced myself to make the purchase.  I was so excited when the dress arrived.  It was beautiful.  I couldn’t wait to get it on.  I unzipped the back and excitedly stepped into the dress.  As I pulled it over my hips I heard a pop.  My excitement instantly switched to fear.  I didn’t.  I couldn’t have.  I did.  My 40″ hips broke the zipper.  I hadn’t even touched the zipper.  I was just pulling the dress up.  That day I learned that dress needed to be pulled over my head instead of over my hips.  I learned the hard way.  I hadn’t even worn the dress and already I needed to have it repaired.

After I had the dress repaired, I went to try it on again.  This time the right way. I pulled the dress over my head and looked in the mirror.  Without even trying it was very apparent to me the dress would not zippen.  The good news was that it was on.  That was half the battle.  What though would I do next? Have it altered? Give up and sell it? I put the dress in the back of my closet and stopped thinking about it.

Yesterday I decided to pull it back out.  I have been on a steady workout schedule.  I have been eating vegan two to three weeks out of each month.  I’m still a size 8 but maybe.  So I pulled the dress out.  This was the result.



It fit! The zipper is all the way up.  This just goes to show progress isn’t always on the scale or in your dress size.  I’m still an 8 be it a firmer 8 and I look and feel great.  I feel more motivated than ever to continue my fit journey and see even more progress.


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