Vegan Crab Cake Recipe

I use heart of palm, old bay seasoning, minced onion, chopped garlic, mustard, mayonnaise, and potato starch to make these vegan crab cakes.  I start with one 14 ounce can of heart of palm (also available in a jar). First, I rough chop the palm.


Next, I add a tablespoon of minced onion, a tablespoon of chopped garlic (fresh or dried), two tablespoons of old bay seasoning, a tablespoon of mustard, two tablespoons of mayonnaise, and a tablespoon of potato starch.  Then I mix well.


Once the ingredients are mixed, I form the mixture into patties and fry.  I haven’t tried this in the broiler but that’s an option as well.


I like these with my vegan macaroni and cheese or if I am in the mood for a cold side dish.  I will have them with potato salad.


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