Shira’s Vegan Kitchen

I am not a vegan.  I do however eat vegan two to three weeks of each month.  I started adding vegetarian meals to my diet last year.  It has progressed from there.  One huge misconception is the cost to eat vegan is more expensive than an animal product diet.  For me this has proven untrue.

I am actually spending less on groceries.  I buy lots of fresh produce.  I divide and freeze fruits and vegetables.  I sometimes pickle vegetables as well. Sometimes it’s more cost effective to buy frozen fruits and vegetables.  I rarely buy cans but that’s another option.  Another item that stays on my grocery list is dried beans.  I love to slow cook beans.  Then I divide and freeze them for later use.  I have to say I am pretty proud of the strides I have made in both savory and sweet vegan dishes.

Some of my favorite things to make are vegan cheese and shells, bbq tofu, fried mushrooms, and carrot muffins.  I will be sharing these recipes and more in the near future so stay tuned.



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