Body Waxing – What to Expect

Tis the season for hair removal. It’s time to show off all that hard work you put in to tighten and tone. Though one thing you don’t want to show off is body hair. There are many options for hair removal. You can choose from laser removal, waxing, shaving, or even cream based hair removal. In this post I will discuss what to expect during a body wax.
Okay, first thing is first, preparation.  This is very simple.  If you have an experienced technician, you will have to do next to nothing to prepare.  Basically all you have to do is let the hair grow.  He or she will take care of the rest.  It’s recommended to let the hair grow at least a quarter of an inch.  This is needed in order for the wax to grip.

Some people recommend taking an over the counter pain killer before the appointment.  Rather than taking a pain killer, I choose to just breathe.  The procedure is brief but you know your threshold for pain best.  I tolerate it with deep exhales.  Also my technician applies pressure to each area immediately following the rip.  This helps a great deal.

Before waxing, your technician will prepare your skin by using a mild cleanser to remove any lotion or oil from the skin.  Afterwards your technician may apply a topical solution to help the wax adhere. Now you’re ready to rip.  Once the wax is complete your skin is treated to a post wax serum.  That’s it.  Depending on what part(s) are being waxed, the process goes pretty fast.  If you’re still feeling uneasy, start of small.  I would never recommend a full body wax for your first time.  Take small steps.  It’s not as bad as you imagine.  Besides the momentary discomfort is worth the results.  Your skin will be smooth for weeks.  So what are you waiting for?

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